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Torrent Details For "VA - Vocal Trance Top 100 (2016) (Opus ~128) [Only2]"

VA - Vocal Trance Top 100 (2016) (Opus ~128) [Only2]

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Name:VA - Vocal Trance Top 100 (2016) (Opus ~128) [Only2]

Performer = Various Artists

Year = 2016

Genre = Electronic/Trance

Format = Opus ~128

4 Strings - Emotions away (Radio edit) (ft Carol Lee)
4 Strings - What matters most (Radio edit) (ft Fridolijn)
4 Strings - When the lights go down (Communion) (Radio edit) (ft Audrey Gallagher)
A.r.d.i - Move on (Radio edit)
Adam Ellis - Outside myself (Radio edit) (ft Lifeline & Denise Rivera)
Aeris - In the face of adversity (Re;Locate Vs. Robert Nickson radio edit) (ft Jo Cartwright)
Alan Morris - Calm the night (Radio edit) (ft Elles De Graaf)
Alan Morris - Made of light (Radio edit) (ft Jess Morgan)
Alex Leavon - Counting stars (Radio edit) (ft Gemma Pavlovic)
Alex Leavon - Paper kites (Radio edit) (ft Cynthia Hall)
Allen & Envy - Without it (Radio edit) (ft Jo Cartwright)
Amir Afargan - Shape the invisible (A Force edit) (ft Nicole McKenna)
Amir Hussain - Show you the way to go (Radio edit) (ft Chloe Ama)
Ana Criado - Can't hold back the rain (Stoneface & Terminal radio edit)
Ana Criado - How will I know (Daniel Kandi & Dennis Pedersen radio edit) (ft Adrian & Raz)
Ana Criado - No one home (Radio edit) (ft Omnia)
Ana Criado - Vulnerable (Denis Kenzo edit)
Armin van Buuren - The sound of goodbye (Above & Beyond US radio edit)
Audrey Gallagher - Breathe again (Jorn van Deynhoven edit)
Audrey Gallagher - Your own way (Radio edit) (ft ReOrder)
Aurosonic - They wait for us (Radio edit) (ft Denis Karpinskiy & Kate Louise Smith)
Beat Service - But I did (Radio edit) (ft Neev Kennedy)
Beat Service - Different world 2013 (Beat Service edit) (vs Loverush UK! & Shelley Harland)
Beat Service - Not this time (Radio edit) (ft Neev Kennedy)
Benya - Sanctuary (Daniel Skyver radio edit) (ft Shanokee)
Cathy Burton - Hearts connected (Radio edit) (ft Omnia)
Cathy Burton - Loving overflow (Radio edit) (ft AxelPolo & Cathy Burton)
Chris Metcalfe - Stardust (Radio edit) (ft Sue McLaren)
Costa - Carry my love (Radio edit) (ft Manon Polare)
C-Systems - Reaching for my dreams (Radio edit) (ft Hanna Finsen)
C-Systems - Where do I belong (Radio edit) (ft Hanna Finsen)
Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight - Incomplete (Radio edit) (ft Cathy Burton)
Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight - Shelter me (Radio edit) (ft Cate Kanell)
Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight - Silhouette (Allen & Envy edit) (ft Sarah Lynn)
Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight - Stole the Sun (Allen & Envy radio edit) (ft Katty Heath)
Dennis Sheperd - Dive (Radio edit) (ft Sarah Lynn)
DJ Feel - Illuminate (Radio edit) (ft Jan Johnston)
Elles De Graaf - Tears from the Moon (Beat Service radio edit)
Emanuele Braveri - Your land (Denis Kenzo edit) (ft Hanna Finsen)
F.G. Noise - Shed my skin (Radio edit) (ft Jo Cartwright)
G-Tek - Swan song (Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight radio edit) (ft Kimberly Hale)
Hazem Beltagui - Water runs dry (Melo edit) (ft Sarah Lynn)
Invalyd - Never coming down (Rafael Frost edit) (ft Polina)
Ion Blue - Near you (Cold Rush radio edit) (ft Cold Rush & Danny Claire)
Jericho Frequency - Remember you (Radio edit) (ft Chloe)
Johan Vilborg - Never changing (Turn edit) (ft Aneym)
Julian Vincent - Lost in space (Mark Otten radio edit) (and Shannon Hurley)
Kaimo K - Angel fly (Radio edit) (ft Cold Rush & Sarah Russell)
Kaimo K - Never dared to start again (Radio edit) (ft Ellie Lawson)
Kaimo K - Why can't you love me (Radio edit) (ft Sarah Russell)
Karanda - It's now (Radio edit) (ft Alana Aldea)
Kyau & Albert - Calming rain (Radio edit) (ft Maria Nayler)
Liam Wilson - Let healing begin (Radio edit) (ft Cathy Burton)
Maarten de Jong - All that matters (Radio edit) (ft Katty Heath)
Matt Davey - Higher ground (Club radio edit) (ft Lo-Fi Sugar)
Mike Shiver - A little rain (Allen & Envy edit) (ft Shannon Hurley)
Neev Kennedy - The unknown (DNS Project edit)
Neev Kennedy - This heart is yours (Philippe El Sisi radio edit) (ft Adrian & Raz)
Nitrous Oxide - The day (Radio edit) (ft Denise Rivera)
Ost & Meyer - Fortress (Dan Stone edit) (ft Ronski Speed & Cate Kanell)
Paul Denton - Same stars (Radio edit) (ft Sue McLaren)
Purelight - The start of the breakdown (Radio edit) (ft Esmee Bor Stotijn)
Radion 6 - Beautiful nothing (Radio edit) (ft Katty Heath)
Rafaël Frost - Higher (Hazem Beltagui edit) (ft Jennifer Rene)
Raz Nitzan - This time (Radio edit) (ft Kate Louise Smith)
Re;Locate vs Robert Nickson - Built to last (Ferry Tayle radio edit) (ft Carol Lee)
Saad Ayub - Daylight (Radio edit) (ft Cristina Soto)
Sarah Lynn - At the end of every journey (Jorn van Deynhoven remix edit)
Sarah Russell - If I could (DoubleV radio edit)
Sarah Russell - You are (Philippe El Sisi radio edit) (ft Philippe El Sisi)
Sergey Shabanov - Who am I without you (Radio edit) (ft Gemma Pavlovic)
Snatt & Vix - At the end of the day (Suncatcher edit) (ft Neev Kennedy)
Sneijder - Letting me go (Radio edit) (ft Cate Kanell)
Sneijder - Sky is on fire (Kaimo K edit) (ft Jess Morgan)
Somna & Yang - Believe in you (Radio edit) (ft Melynda)
Somna & Yang - Till oblivion (Radio edit) (ft Noire Lee)
Space RockerZ - So out of reach (Orbion edit) (ft Ellie Lawson)
Space RockerZ - Under the same sky (Beat Service radio edit) (ft Ellie Lawson)
Stargazers - Black diamond (Radio edit) (ft Kate Louise Smith)
Stargazers - Scattered pieces (Radio edit) (ft Cynthia Hall)
Steve Nyman - The loneliest place (Radio edit) (ft Paulina Dubaj)
Stine Grove - This world is full of goodbyes (Dimension radio edit)
Stine Grove - Time travel away (Adip Kiyoi edit) (ft Stargazers)
Stoneface & Terminal - Go the distance (Radio edit) (ft Cathy Burton)
Stoneface & Terminal - My heart won't tell you no (Radio edit) (ft Ana Criado)
Store N Forward - Diamond dancing sea (Radio edit) (ft Linnea Schössow)
Store N Forward - Distant hearts (Radio edit) (ft Elles De Graaf)
Susana - Feel you here (Beat Service radio edit)
Susana - Silent for so long (Radio edit) (ft Hazem Beltagui)
Tenishia - Never let you down (Cold Rush edit) (ft Susana)
Terminal - Drowning Sunlight (Radio edit) (ft Stoneface & Terminal ft Sylvia Brandse)
The Doppler Effect - Beauty hides in the deep (Blizzard edit) (ft Carol Lee)
Tucandeo - Awake (Radio edit) (ft Molly Bancroft)
Tucandeo - Northern lights (Matt Bukovski radio edit) (ft Esmee Bor Stotijn)
Turn & Aguada - Straight from my heart (Radio edit) (ft Eskova)
UCast - To another day (Radio edit) (ft Susana)
Vocal Trance Top 100 (2016) (Front).jpg
Vocal Trance Top 100 (2016) (Front) 02.png
Witness45 - I'm still here (Radio edit) (ft Fashion Police & Cynthia Hall)
Witness45 - Lightspeed (Radio edit) (ft Jess Morgan)
Yuri Kane - Obsession (Radio edit) (ft Sopheary)
Yuri Kane - Running wild (Radio edit) (ft Ana Criado)

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Language:English  English
Total Size:370.50 MB
Info Hash:2356C43B0A288411C6172705B0EE627DEBA555FB
Added By:Only2try Uploader
Date Added:2020-09-12 21:22:49
Torrent Status:Torrent Verified by Prom3th3uS Super Administrator on 12th September, 2020

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