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Rory Gallagher - The Complete Rockpalast Collection (2005) [DVD9 PAL] {DVD 1 of 3}

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Name:Rory Gallagher - The Complete Rockpalast Collection (2005) [DVD9 PAL] {DVD 1 of 3}
Rory Gallagher - The Complete Rockpalast Collection (2005) [DVD9 PAL] {DVD 1 of 3}

Format: Box set, PAL, Surround Sound
Language English, German
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 - 1.33:1
Number of discs: 3
Classification: Exempt
Studio: Wienerworld
DVD Release Date: 5 Dec 2005
Run Time: 565 minutes

The Ultimate Rory Gallagher Rockpalast Collection! All five Rockpalast concerts from 1976 to 1990 plus two Jam Sessions on three DVDs - an essential edition for any fan of the legendary Irish musician of the century!
Rory Gallagher was no stranger to Rockpalast, the German television program that highlighted many a great artist over the years. His live shows were highly energized and packed with raw emotion and gut force in a way that’s rarely done anymore. The astounding concerts on this three DVD set amount to a little less than ten hours of music, squeezing in eighty-four songs recorded live in different German venues from 1976 thru 1990. The included footage is an all-encompassing historical presentation of the onstage persona of Rory Gallagher, and without a doubt some of the best electric and acoustic performances caught on tape of the Irish blues-rocker...
All of the performances are raw and electrifying, complete with last minute guitar tuning episodes and amplifier hum, easily reminding the listener and viewer that it’s 1976 thru 1990. Rory appears content without the luxury of a guitar tech, a scenario almost unheard of these days, especially for players of this caliber. That being said, sight and sound are amazingly good throughout. The camera shots are uncomplicated and minus the fancy editing and technical flash of today. This allows Rory and the band to be viewed without interference and interruption, just as an actual spectator at the show. The music is unrefined, powerful, and in-your-face. Rory Gallagher Live At Rockpalast is a gem that’ll be watched repeatedly by Gallagher fans as well as all blues-rock enthusiasts for many years to come. It’s an excellent reminder of just how talented and electrifying he was as a guitarist, vocalist, and all-around performer.
~ Brian D. Holland.


Disc One:

WDR Studio L - Cologne 1976

01. Pistol Slapper Blues
02. Too Much Alcohol
03. Out On The Western Plain
04. Banker's Blues
05. Rag Mama Rag
06. Nothing But The Devil
07. Going To My Hometown
08. I Take What I Want
09. Calling Card 10. Secret Agent
11. Do You Read Me
12. Bought And Sold
13. Country Mile
14. Jackknife Beat
15. Boogie

Grugahalle, Essen 1977

01. Messin' With The Kid
02. I Take What I Want
03. Garbage Man
04. Moonchild
05. Secret Agent
06. Calling Card
07. Out On The Western Plain
08. Barley and Grape Rag
09. Tattoo'd Lady
10. Souped Up Ford
11. Bullfrog Blues
12. Bought And Sold

Disc Two:

Jam Session, Wiesbaden 1979

01. Bullfrog Blues
02. Walkin' The Dog
03. Sea Cruise
04. Around And Around
05. Roll Over Beethoven

Loreley 1982

01. Wayward Child
02. Double Vision
03. Big Guns
04. What In The World
05. Nadine
06. Follow Me
07. Bad Penny
08. Bourbon
09. Jinxed
10. Moonchild
11. Brute Force And Ignorance
12. The Devil Made Me Do It
13. Out On The Western Plain
14. Ride On Red, Ride On
15. Philby
16. Shadow Play
17. Shin Kicker
18. Peter Gunn

Loreley Jam Session 1982

01. Knocking On Heaven's Door
02. I'm Ready
03. Medley: Lucille / Dust My Broom / I'm Movin' / Be Bop A Lula
04. Slow Down
05. I Have The Blues

Disc Three:

Maifestspiele, Wiesbaden 1979

01. Shin Kicker
02. The Last Of The Independents
03. Off The Handle
04. Bought And Sold
05. Shadow Play
06. A Million Miles Away
07. Hell Cat
08. Out On The Western Plain
09. Too Much Alcohol
10. Goin' To My Hometown
11. Tattoo'd Lady
12. Secret Agent
13. Roberta

Music Hall, Cologne 1990

01. Continental Op
02. Don't Start Me Talkin'
03. Mean Disposition
04. Kid Gloves
05. Middle Name
06. The King Of Zydeco
07. Out On The Western Plain
08. Empire State Express
09. The Loop
10. Garbage Man
11. When My Baby She Left Me
12. Shadow Play
13. Shin Kicker
14. Born Under A Bad Sign (w/ Jack Bruce)
15. I'm Ready (w/ Jack Bruce)
16. Politician (w/ Jack Bruce)
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