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React JS – Build 5 Projects With (Redux, React Router, MUI)

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Name:React JS – Build 5 Projects With (Redux, React Router, MUI)


‌This course will teach you how to code using Reactjs framework from scratch.‌ In this course we will be building and going through a few projects, as i believe practical examples are the way to go when it comes to learning frameworks.

In this course we will cover these projects:

   Pokedex Project: In this project we will go through the basics so that you will have a good understanding of the foundation and concepts of React JS. In this project we will get Pokémons from an API and show it to the user, the user can select a Pokemon in order to see the details for that Pokemon, he can also add that Pokemon to his favourites in order to collect a list of Pokémons. We store this favourite list in redux persist, so that the user can come back to the website and the data is kept and persisted.
   React Router: In this tutorial we will focus on how to work with the react router. It is important to grasp and learn this Library as it is the Foundation of web applications and you will use it very often.
   ‌Todo list App: this todo list application will allow us to dive deeper into redux without complicating things. It will help you to understand the main principles and concept of redux in a simple way.
   Dad Jokes App: In this project we used an API for getting jokes and showing them to the user. We also used material UI to design this gorgeous user interface.
   Google Maps Travel Advisor App: This allows the user to discover the places around him. We will use google maps to plot the places And we will also use the travel advisor api to get the places for the user’s location.

‌We will use many libraries for React.Js to implement the projects such as Material-UI for making beautiful designs effortlessly, React Redux to allow us to implement a global state system which allows all components to connect to it and access the core data of the web application. We will be using Axios to get data from an API.
Who this course is for:

   Students who are eager to learn ReactJS using practical examples.


   Basic IT skills
   Basic Javascript and HTML skills

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