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New Karaoke.. Zoom SuperHits ZSH017 Musicals 3xCD @320; from BJtheDJ

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Name:New Karaoke.. Zoom SuperHits ZSH017 Musicals 3xCD @320; from BJtheDJ

Zoom Karaoke SuperHits series

SuperHits ZSH017 Musicals 3xCD

ZSH017-101 - Annie - It's a Hard Knock Life
ZSH017-102 - Annie - Little Girls
ZSH017-103 - Annie - Tomorrow
ZSH017-104 - Beetlejuice - Dead Mom
ZSH017-105 - Beetlejuice - Home
ZSH017-106 - Beetlejuice - The Whole Being Dead Thing
ZSH017-107 - Cabaret - Cabaret
ZSH017-108 - Cabaret - Maybe This Time
ZSH017-109 - Dreamgirls - One Night Only (Beyonce version)
ZSH017-110 - Dreamgirls - One Night Only (Jennifer Hudson version)
ZSH017-111 - Hairspray - Good Morning Baltimore
ZSH017-112 - Hairspray - I Can Hear the Bells
ZSH017-113 - Hairspray - You Can't Stop the Beat
ZSH017-114 - Hamilton - Alexander Hamilton
ZSH017-115 - Hamilton - Burn
ZSH017-116 - Hamilton - It's Quiet Uptown
ZSH017-117 - Hamilton - My Shot
ZSH017-118 - Hamilton - You'll be Back
ZSH017-119 - Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat - Any Dream willl Do
ZSH017-201 - Kinky Boots - Lola
ZSH017-202 - Kinky Boots - Sex is in the Heel
ZSH017-203 - Les Miserable - Bring Him Home
ZSH017-204 - Les Miserable - Do You Hear the People Sing
ZSH017-205 - Les Miserable - I Dreamed a Dream
ZSH017-206 - Les Miserable - Master of the House
ZSH017-207 - Les Miserable - On My Own
ZSH017-208 - Little Shop of Horrors - Dentist
ZSH017-209 - Little Shop of Horrors - Skid Row Downtown
ZSH017-210 - Little Shop of Horrors - Somewhere That's Green
ZSH017-211 - Little Shop of Horrors - Suddenly Seymour
ZSH017-212 - Matilda the Musical - Naughty
ZSH017-213 - Matilda the Musical - When I Grow Up
ZSH017-214 - My Fair Lady - I Could Have Dance all Night
ZSH017-215 - My Fair Lady - On the Street Where You Live
ZSH017-216 - Phantom of the Opera - All I Ask of You
ZSH017-217 - Phantom of the Opera - The Music of the Night
ZSH017-218 - Phantom of the Opera - Think of Me
ZSH017-219 - Phantom of the Opera - Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
ZSH017-301 - Rent - Love Heals
ZSH017-302 - Rent - Seasons of Love
ZSH017-303 - The Sound of Music - Climb Every Mountain
ZSH017-304 - The Sound of Music - Do-Re-Mi
ZSH017-305 - The Sound of Music - My Favourite Things
ZSH017-306 - The Sound of Music - Sixteen Going on Seventeen
ZSH017-307 - The Sound of Music - The Sound of Music
ZSH017-308 - Sweeney Todd - Johanna
ZSH017-309 - Sweeney Todd - My Friends (m solo)
ZSH017-310 - Sweeney Todd - Pretty Women
ZSH017-311 - Sweeney Todd - The Contest
ZSH017-312 - Waitress - She Used to be Mine
ZSH017-313 - Waitress - What Baking Can Do
ZSH017-314 - West Side Story - Maria
ZSH017-315 - West Side Story - Tonight
ZSH017-316 - Wicked - As Long as You're Mine
ZSH017-317 - Wicked - Defying Gravity
ZSH017-318 - Wicked - For Good
ZSH017-319 - Wicked - I'm Not That Girl
ZSH017-320 - Wicked - The Wizard & I

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