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Domestika | Creative Product Photography from Start to Finish [FCO]

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Name:Domestika | Creative Product Photography from Start to Finish [FCO]

Author: Weekend Creative, Creative Agency
Language: English
Released: 2021
Duration: 3h 11m
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Explore the entire creative process behind a product photoshoot and learn how to take scroll-stopping images

Creative product photography is an essential tool for brands that seek to stand out. Elle and Arabella from the studio Weekend Creative have built a strong reputation when it comes to creating impactful photos for their clients. They have worked with brands like Blue Bottle Coffee, Benefit Cosmetics, Anecdote Candles, Herbivore, Saint Jane Beauty, and many more.

Discover the duo’s full creative process and shoot your own series of scroll-stopping product photographs. Learn how to apply photography theory to your ideas, develop a concept that fits a brand’s needs, and produce striking product photography using professional tricks and techniques. Are you ready to attract your dream clients?

About this course

Meet Elle and Arabella, hear about how they started Weekend Creative and what they’ve learned along the way. Discover their sources of inspiration and see the impact it has on their creative photography.

Discover how to create eye-catching imagery for beginners by learning the principles of photography and design. Explore what kind of branding questions you should answer with your product photography, followed by a brainstorming session to plan your shoot. Start developing your own unique concept and see how to create a shooting plan.

Get started with the production phase by exploring the tools and materials you need to build your set design. See where to look for props and get tips for creating, modifying, and styling them. Go through the equipment Arabella and Elle recommend for your photo kit, before going over shooting basics.

Time for your shooting! See how your concept, production, and tools all come together to create three captivating images. Build your scenes, set up your lighting equipment, and take your shots.

Explore Arabella’s workflow to edit your photos in Lightroom, before finalizing your images in Photoshop with her expert retouching techniques. To finish, learn about the importance of sharing your work, whether you’re a beginner or professional photographer, and how to choose the right platform to do so, according to your end goal.

What is this course's project?

Use the Weekend Creative’s expertise in product photography to capture three eye-catching images.

Who is it for?

This creative product photography course is great for beginners or for professional photographers who want to get creative with their product photography work/techniques.

What you need

Basic photography skills and intermediate-level knowledge of Photoshop are recommended.

As for equipment, you will need a DSLR camera, a tripod, and a computer with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop installed, as well as some tools and props for your photo shoot.

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