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Torrent Details For "Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Beginners-Learning with Demos"

Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Beginners-Learning with Demos

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Name:Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Beginners-Learning with Demos


This is a course that has been designed for the Beginners to the world of Cybersecurity and also experienced IT Professionals looking to learn the fundamentals of Cybersecurity , the entire learning will be based on demos and various practical.

* What is Cybersecurity ?

* Types of Cyber Attacks – Malware / Phishing / MITM / DDOS /SQLInjection

* Types of Hackers – Black Hat / White Hat / Grey Hat / Hacktivist

* Basics of Cryptography – History / Caesar’s Cypher / Symmetric & Asymmetric Encryption

* Deep Dive into Various Algorithms – RSA / DSA / AES/ DES / ECDSA / Diffie-Hellman

* Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) – Digital Signature / Certificate Authority (CA) / Digital Certificate / Self Signed Certificate

* Networking Basics – IP Addressing / Subnetting / VPN / DMZ / Firewall / Proxy Server / Packet Switching

* Key Protocols – SSH / SSL / TCP/IP / TLS / mTLS

The details are as below:

1. Introduction
2. Top 10 Cyber Attacks of 21st Century

3. A Look at the Live Threats

4. Demand for CyberSecurity Skills

5. What is Cybersecurity ?

6. What is CIA Triad ?

7. Malware Attack
8. Phishing Attack
9. Demo: How attackers use Phishing Attack ?
10. Password Attack
11. Demo: A Dictionary Attack – Password Attack
12. Man-in-the-Middle Attack
13. Demo: MITM Attack using ARP Poisoning
14. SQL Injection Attack
15. Demo: How to create a Sql Injection(SQLi) Attack
16. Denial-of-Service Attack
17. Cryptojacking

18. White Hat Hacker
19. Black Hat Hacker
20. Grey Hat Hacker
21. Hacktivist
22. Script Kiddie

23. What is Cryptography ?
24. History of Cryptography
25. Understanding the Ceasar’s Cypher
26. What is Symmetric Encryption
27. Understand Symmetric Encryption with an Example
28. Demo: Symmetric Encryption using openssl
29. What is Asymmetric Encryption
30. Understand Asymmetric Encryption – Confidentiality
31. Understand Asymmetric Encryption – Integrity & Authentication
32. Demo:Asymmetric encryption using openssl

33. Get an Understanding of Hybrid Encryption

34. What is Cipher Algorithm & Key
35. What is DES – Data Encryption Standard ?
36. What is AES : Advanced Encryption Standard
37. Which are the NIST Approved Asymmetric Algorithms ?
38. What is the RSA Algorithm ?
39. Understanding RSA Algorithm with Example
40. What is DSA Algorithm ?
41. What is Deffie-Hellman Algorithm ?
42. Understanding DH Algorithm with an Example
43. Understanding Calculations for DH Algorithm
44. What is Elliptic Curve Algorithm ?
45. Quick Comparison : RSA vs DSA vs ECDSA vs DH

46. What is PKI ?
47. What is a Hashing Algorithm
48. Demo: Hashing using openssl
49. What is a Message Digest
50. What is a Digital Signature ?
51. Understanding Digital Signature
52. What is a Certificate Authority -CA
53. Demo: Exploring the DigiCert Website
54. What is a Digital Certificate
55. Understanding Digital Certificate
56. Check a Real Certificate – Facebook
57. Protecting from MITM using Digital Certificate
58. What is a Self Signed Certificate ?
59. PEM Vs PKCS12
60. What is a Chain of Trust
61. Demo: Create a Self Signed Certificate / rootCA
62. Demo : Create a CSR
63. Demo: Sign a Certificate CSR

64. Main Artefacts for Networking
65. Understanding the OSI Model
66. What is a Switch ?
67. What is a Router ?
68. What is a VLAN
69. Decimal to Binary Conversion
70. Binary to Decimal Conversion
71. Understanding an IP address
72. What is Subnetting
73. What is Subnet Mask
74. What is ARP
75. Simulation to understand ARP
76. What is a Network Packet
77. How a Packet Travels from Source to Destination
78. Demo: traceroute to cnn
79. What is a VPN ?
80. Demo: Using a Software based VPN (NordVPN)
81. What is a Firewall ?
82. Role of a Proxy Server
83. What is a Perimeter Network or a DMZ

84. What is SSH
85. What is TCP/IP
86. What is SSL
87. Understanding SSL Vs TLS
88. Demo: Checking the Latest Stats on SSL/TLS
89. What is MTLS
Who this course is for:

   Cybersecurity Beginners / Experienced Professionals in IT wanting to understand the fundamentals of Cybersecurity in a Practical oriented learning
   The course also teaches all the important Networking Fundamentals as well.


   Cybersecurity Beginners / Experienced Professionals in IT wanting to learn the fundamentals of Cybersecurity

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